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Contributed by our customers

This page is devoted to photos taken by customers. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates to Social Events and please include #grandbistro when posting photos so we can share them here.

Pea & preserved lemon arancini, smoked salmon, pickled onions, kale, quinoa, pea puree, egg.

17 hour brisket, marble score 5+, hot & sour salad, toasted rice, pan juices.


Free-range egg omelette with crispy pork, ginger, shallot.

Breakfast curry, sweet potato, fried egg, coriander, yoghurt, roti, pickles

Breakfast bruschetta.

Getting styling props ready for a wedding catering client.

Nan's fruit bread bruschetta with ricotta, figs, local honey, mint & pomegranate

Grand Bistro interior.

Local Plum Chutney

Grilled chorizo, guacamole, bean and corn salsa, poached eggs

An abundant autumn harvest of persimmons courtesy of Bowral local, Leona Edmiston.

Pork schniddy breakfast tortilla, guacamole, slaw, fried egg, salsa

Tables set up for our monthly Food & Wine Dinners. This sold out one featured Artemis Wines.


Three-cheese arancini, spinach, celeriac cream, preserved lemon, Harissa dressing

Maron burgers with truffle, cafe de Paris butter

Red lentil fritters, kale, seeds, pomegranate, herbs, pomegranate

Baked organic chicken schnitzel, mashed purple potatoes and garlic dressing

Grilled figs, Gorgonzola, prosciutto, pistachios

Crisp five spiced quail with sweet soy mayo

Lovely polaroids hanging at a recent wedding. Explore the menus served by Grand Bistro Catering

Peach-infused English Breakfast Tea and Gin cocktail

Grilled chorizo, pork belly snitzel, spinach, quinoa, pickles raisins, soft egg

From our catering menu. Old school mini cheese burgers with mustard, aioli, cheese adn pickle. 

One of delicious cocktail specials made by our legend french mixologist Julien

Crispy five spice pork belly 'Hainanese style' A super tasty substantial canape with heaps of flavour and texture.

New season figs. Serving these with a classic combination of gorgonzola, pistachios, proscuitto, baby spinach & red wine dressing

Killer corn from our good friends farm. From picking to on the plate in less than 2 hours. Ridiciously tasty!

These beautiful golden peaches will be poached in our Howards Lane Rose and served in a crumble with mascarpone & five spice

Fraser Island spanner crab omelette, sprouts, ginger, shallot, siracha, lemon, grilled toast. Breakfast special

The freshest spanish mackerel from our amazing seafood suppliers, Southern Fresh Seafood.

Simple but classy. Truffled cheese brioche toasted sandwich, nectarine chutney, & rocket. Breakfast special.

Herb and spice roast pumpkin salad, pomegranate, yoghurt, quinoa, lentils. 

Spiced cherry tart, lemon curd cream, sheeps milk yoghurt sorbet.

17 hour Waguy beef brisket, asian slaw, black vinegar dressing. 

Local tomatoes from our good friends garden. Teamed up with burrata, local olive oil and forum vinegar. So simple yet so tast

Burrata with pomegranate, local tomatoes, basil and red wine dressing.

A wonderful table setting for a privated dinner we did at Grand Bistro in our outdoor garden.

Twice-cooked pork, spiced apple, pickled onions, pomegranate, pear chutney. #southernhighlandsfoodandwineclusters #grandbistro #seasonal

Road testing some new dishes for the night time offering. Burrata, ox heart kumato, brussel sprouts, pickled raisins, hazelnuts, 10yr balsamic
#bowral #grandbistro #nocompromise #grandbistronights

The tables are set and the team @grandbistro is ready to feed all the wonderful guests attending tonight's sold out event. Annabelle Chauncy a local highlander and founder of School for Life. We are honored to host Annabelle's very special event this evening.

The end of another busy day @grandbistro with today's team. A big shout out to the always smiling, truly passionate about his craft, legendary barista @mahesh294 🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHESH 🎉

Miso, ginger, sprouts, lime, crispy onions, sweet soy mayo.

Hainanes twice-cooked crispy pork, ginger, soy, shallot all in a little bamboo boat by Grand Catering

We threw this together for a customer who requested a healthy lunch. Five grains and legumes, pomegranate, peas, nuts, sumac, crispy onions & cardamom yoghurt!

'Girl with bouquet' by #gordonrichards
Now hanging at #grandbistro
#localssupportinglocals #

Five grains, pomegranate, pistachios, beets,preserved lemon and Persian feta. Photo by @jasonshughes 

This beautiful #orakingsalmon confit will take on the flavours of the citrus, fennel, cinnamon, star anise & mustard seeds. Not sure what I will turn it into but I do know it will be delicious! 

Little pillows of gnocchi made from scratch. A cracking seasonal vegetarian dish. #grandbistronights

Gnocchi with zucchini flowers, zucchini purée, and truffled pecorino. Equally as tasty as it is pretty.

Loving the fact that these bad boys were swimming around in the Pristine alpine waters of Mt Cook yesterday and tomorrow they will be sliced into sashimi! So fresh. So good! #grandbistro #no compromise

Taste of Spring! Mt Cook salmon, peas, asparagus, tarragon, peas, sumac.#grandbistro #seasonal

Mums Good Friday fish. Every Good Friday my mum would cook blue eye cod by dredging it in seasoned flour, egg and herbs. We would always eat this at room temp with a punchy herb Mayo. – Chef Damien Monley

Beef sliders from a catering event. 

Lamb kofta, pomegranate and herb salsa, green pea hummus, flat bread! #grandbistro #southernhighlands #nocompromise

Spanner crab omelette, sprouts, shiitake soy, ginger,chilli, broth. Ridiculously fresh spanner crab from @costa_nemitsas

Walking out the door today! Sweet corn fritters, crispy pork, sprouts, five spice, ginger, fried egg. Breakfast special on today and all weekend.#nocompromise #grandbistro #seasonalproduce #bowral #foodporn

The salmon used in our King salmon and yukon gold potato, asparagus, orange zest available during our dinner service

Fresh Ora King salmon used in our lunch dish with peas, asparagus, seeds, tarragon, green tahini

A healthy start to the day: Bruschetta of house smoked salmon, green pea hummus, avocado, kale, seeds, fennel and herbs. A plate of goodness!‪#‎grandbistro‬ ‪#‎kale‬ ‪#‎healthystarttoyourday‬ ‪#‎foodasmedicine‬ ‪#‎eatyourgreens

Thank you to everyone who attend our "Black Bison Martini" party on Saturday night. Hope to see you all and some new friends at the next event. – From the GB Team. 

The ricotta hotcakes with @pepesaya cinnamon butter are a crowd favorite!! 
These ricotta hot cakes taste like a doughnut blended with a cloud and then dipped in maple syrup. That is all.

Image courtesy of instagram @nikkiwallman 

The beginning of the super popular Hainanese eggs ‪#‎grandbistro‬ ‪#‎hamhock‬‪#‎hainanese‬ ‪#‎foodporn‬

"Cheers" by #gordonrichards.
How lucky are we to have this masterpiece hanging at #grandbistro #localssupportinglocals

The rainbow plate is here! I feel healthy just looking at this rainbow plate of vego goodness. Finished with a drizzle of soy and lime. Yummo! Image courtesy instagram @damienmonleychef 

Twice cooked pork belly, apple, fennel, rocket salad, pear chutney. This little gem will be on again tomorrow. Image courtesy @beth_of_fresh_air

The most amazing brunch ever at the newly opened @grandbistro in‪#‎Bowral‬ Sensational food, service and fitout. Absolute love this place! More pics to come. Image courtesy of instagram @cottonwoodinteriors 

Found it... Newest lunch spot in ‪#‎bowral‬. The ‪#‎grandbistro‬ - absolute must try... Don't go past the crispy pork belly roll (or the 7 hour slow cooked lamb roll) ‪#‎delicious‬ ‪#‎lunch‬ ‪#‎southernhighlands‬ I would have stolen a giant fiddler fig if it had fit in my man bag 😜 ‪#‎howardslane‬ @grandbistro Image courtey of instagram @jason_minty

Oooh la la! Here it is! Hot cakes banana, coconut sugar, caramel, vanilla icecream. To quote Julian who just left @grandbistro 'These were the best hot cakes I've ever had in my life! Lightest, fluffier and tastiest ever'. Thanks Julian!

Just one of the specials that our clever kitchen team @grandbistro served up today.. Chargrilled swordfish, tomato & baby caper salsa. SOLD OUT

Foodgasm // today my healthy looks like this: ordering the most indulgent item on the @grandbistro menu and eating half, because life's all about that balance. Brioche French toast, caramelised quince topped with lemon curd cream and pomegranate. Self care on a plate. Image courtey of instagram @exerciseforextrafries

Winter Gold Party – Gold leaves scattered on the footpath outside and by the entrance.

Many thanks to Jemima Fairbanks and our Grand Styling team for turning Grand Bistro into such a golden and magical place for the evening.

Winter Gold Party – a special personalised individual place setting for each person.

Locals Supporting Locals program – with great thanks to the wonderful team from the local Southern Highlands Brewing Co. for providing the beer we serve on tap at GB. 

The DJ station awaits DJ Cadell to spin his Grand Tunes.

Winter Gold Party – Two rows of tables are now set with the Gold theme ready for guests to arrive.

A harvest of persimmons courtesy of local resident Leona Edmiston. Join our "Locals Supporting Locals" program by selling your home-grown produce to GB. See our Events Page for info.

The ingredients are in and ready to be made into delicious spiced persimmon chutney.

Persimmon Chutney available for purchase in the restaurant.

Hainanese eggs, ginger, shallot, chilli, sweet soy, broth, cashews.
Special today at ‪#‎grandbistro‬.
So tasty it's redick!
‪#‎localssupportinglocals‬ ‪#‎nocompromise‬

Beef Sliders from an event catered by our Grand Catering team.

It's hard to go past the GB chocolate brownies. #grandbistro #chocolatebrownies #dietstartstomorrow

Many thanks to @Flowersbyem on Facebook for this gorgeous arrangement. @grandbistro

The menu at Grand Catering for a Dom Perignon event last year.

Delicious bruschetta at a Grand Catering event.

Corned beef hash, creamed corn, crispy potatoes, raisins, nans relish, pickled onions ‪#‎nocompromise‬ ‪#‎localssupportinglocals‬ ‪#‎grandbistro‬‪#‎oldchefs‬

Chef Damien Monley pulling out a giant turnip to be cooked in the restaurant.

Enjoying coffee from the @grandbistro on their opening day and flicking through the 20th birthday issue of @highlifesouthernhighlands

Photo courteesy of Richardson & Wrench Property Bowral.


A basket of goodies at our Cellar Door at Howards Lane. 

A coffee martini by "drink slinger" Mikee Collins who will be making a special appearance on Friday nights at our TGBI-Fridays' "$5 Sliders & Cocktails" night. #TGBIF #sliders #mikeecollins #cocktails

Meet Mahesh! So passionate about coffee, it's practically flowing through his veins! Years of experience and a genuine dedication to his craft. Just wait! ☕️ #comingsoon#meettheteam #grandbistro #gb #bowral#southernhighlandsfood #groundsfriends#groundsroasters

Canapes served at a Grand Catering event. See our Events & Catering Page for more info.

The A Team @grandbistro. Many of you have met Kyra, Will, Maddie and Mahesh already. If you haven't, pop in today and while you're there wish Kyra a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎂🎂🎂 What a superstar she is!! ‪#‎grandbistro‬‪#‎gb‬ ‪#‎bowral‬ ‪#‎happybirthday‬ ‪#‎goteam‬

GB's eggs come from ‪#‎nixonfarm‬ in Wilton, just 40kms from @grandbistro in Bowral. Fresh as can be. Happy healthy free-range chooks enjoying this vast space. Nice work Nixon Produce 👏👏 ‪#‎localssupportinglocals‬‪#‎freshisbest‬ ‪#‎southernhighlands‬ ‪#‎gb‬ ‪#‎grandbistro‬

Hainese chicken rice and roasted pork with crackling are some of the many dishes that can be served for large group bookings at Grand Bistro or through Grand Catering. See our Events & Catering Page for more info.

Damien and Justine check out the arrival of a fantastic local beer courtesy of Southern Highlands Brewing Co.

The fiddle leaf fig trees arrive just in time before the opening of Grand Bistro.

A tuna dish from Grand Catering at the Dom Perignon event.

Chefs hard at work preparing food during one of the Grand Catering events.

Scallops served during one of the many Grand Catering Events.

The Grand Piggy – poached eggs, chorizo, Pialligo bacon, black pudding, crackling, drunken raisins, pickled apple, GB persimmon chutney.

A glimpse of our cellar door styling shoot today. The cellar door at Howards Lane Vineyards is a great place for anyone needing a place to stay when visiting the Southern Highlands.

Chef Damien Monley on location in Bowral being filmed for a TV food program.

@gthomewares We 💚 our new plates @grandbistro. Handmade especially for the soon to be customers of #grandbistro 🙏THANK YOU 🙏#gthomewares #gb #bowral #southernhighlands

Howards Lane Shiraz is a key ingredient in this spiced persimmon chutney recipe. Many thanks to Leona Edmiston for supplying us with her crop of persimmon. The chutney is available for purchase in the restaurant.

Grand Stays at the Cellar Door of Howards Lane Vineyards is a great place for visitors looking for accommodation in the Southern Highlands. Wake up to vineyards in your very own backyard and enjoy daily visits from kangaroos. See Grand Stays Page for more info.

Elegant dessert of buttermilk pudding, honeycombe & rose #grandbistro catering

Local spice roasted pumpkin, celeriac cream, harissa dressing, pickled red onions. 

Three cheese arancini, pea salad, pea hummus, fried egg, truffle aioli #breakfastspecial

Entrees away #grandcatering. Baked fits, proscuitto, gorgonzola, hazenluts

When a bride wants fried chicken on the menu #grandcatering makes it happen!

Nothing but the best for one of our catering clients. Teamed this up with tempura oysters and lemon mayonaise.

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